Circle Menus

Circle Menus make such a statement on your tables and sit really beautifully within a round dinner plate. Whether for your Wedding day, Birthday, Christmas Party or Work Event our circle menus are always a winner.

Consider whether you’d like to include personalised guest names with your menus. This can be printed directly onto your menus or alternatively included as a separate place card or guest name tag. You can view our place card and guest name tag inspiration here.

Furthermore, if you have a big menu or would like to also include your drinks menu a double-sided menu may be the perfect option for you.


Things to keep in mind when ordering your event menus
  • How many will you need? This will depend on whether you’re personalising your menus with printed guest names or not. If you are, you will require one menu per guest, but if you aren’t personalising your menus, consider whether you’d like one menu per person or shared menus. It is good to keep in mind that Circle Menus are a diecut item and therefore have a minimum order quantity of 50x.
  • What would you like to spend? It’s good to have an idea of what you would like to spend beforehand, however we will always work with you to reach a place where you’re happy with both the design and your spend.
  • Do you have a big menu or drinks menu? If so, consider a double-sided menu. If you would like to include a drinks menu we suggest this go on the back side of the menu.
  • Will it be read in dim lighting? If so, make sure the text is an easy to read font and large enough.
  • Where will it be placed? Will it be placed on a dinner plate, beside it or elsewhere? Think about the surrounding colours including the colour of the plate, cutlery and/or florals and how this will complement your menu choice.



Yes, we can cut your menu into all sorts of custom shapes not just circle! Think arched, angled, curved, angular. Making your menu into a unique shape is created using a process called die cutting and does include an added charge. If you’re interested in a unique shape for your event menu, please send us an email at or pop in-store!

Images shown

Image 1 – This design was custom created for a customer – please enquire. Image by: Allume Weddings

Image 2 – This design is from our Arched Elegance Wedding Invitation Suite. 

Image 3 – This design is from our Mushroom Marble Wedding Invitation Suite.

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